Here is some of the great feedback we've received from our customers.


Karin, Johannesburg [30th October 2017]

We are loving the playpen we have received from you. Our kitten is recovering well post his surgery and now he is even able to get a change of scenery and even have some outside air during his 6 weeks of recovery post the knee operation. So happy with the product!

Please see the photos attached. It is a bit difficult to see the kitten in the inside pic but he is sleeping on his bed with his collar on still.

Marmite in his “all amenities” flatlet
Marmite in his “all amenities” flatlet

Janice, Johannesburg [10th July 2017]

I ordered the cat’s play pen and received it the following day with no problems at all.

The installation was so easy to do and it works fantastically. I have placed it indoors in the cats cottage. It is wonderful and works perfectly for to keep the little dassies from chasing the cats and stealing their food.

I will try and take a picture over the next few days with a fat little dassie looking in while the cats are eating. This saved me from having to put a security door on the cat’s cottage and will save me so much money as the dassies were eating the Hills cat food by the plateful. Anyone battling with dassies should consider buying one of these to feed their cat or dog in it’s perfect.

Kerry, Roodepoort [5th December 2016]

Izzy B (Isabella) is doing very well. I have attached a picture of her in her playpen.

IzzyB in her Cosmic Playpen (medium)

The play pen is good quality, sturdy and safe for her to be in.

Lezanne, Cape Town [1st October 2016]

See attached some pics of Lilly at 2 months in her Puppy Playpen.

Lilly at 2 months old in her pink playpen
Lilly at 2 months old in her pink playpen
Lilly at 2 months old in her pink playpen
Lilly at 2 months old in her pink playpen
Lilly at 2 months old in her pink playpen

Sharon, Hillcrest [17th August 2016]

The playpen has arrived and is lovely. Thank you very much!

Julie, Cape Town [29th April 2014]

I just got my parcel and I just had to e-mail you to say THANK YOU!!! It is absolutely perfect :-) I will definitely send you pictures when she comes home. I will definitely be ordering more products from you.

Thank you again for being so wonderful.

Julie, Cape Town [25th April 2014]

I am so excited, I cannot wait to get the playpen. It is like the final piece in all of my preparations so once it is here I will be able to relax. Well, that is until I get my little one. I will only be getting my "fur-baby" on 24 May 2014. I have attached a copy of my little fur-baby at 3 weeks old. She is probably going to be lost in the playpen, he he.

Fur-baby at 3 weeks old

Gail, Durban [25th November 2013]

My "hounds" are happy and look gorgeous in their little cute.

Kathleen, Pretoria [2nd July 2013]

Received my playpen -absolute perfection! You should definitely advertise it as 'ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs' - took a quick pic with my phone, and will take some decent pics if you'd like to use put them on your website.

Bunny super happy in the new pen
Bunny super happy in the new pen

I know for a fact that there are a large number of people who are obsessed with their guinea pigs. I'd love to refer them to you if you'd like. Thanks a million, my bunny is super happy.

Dot, Pinetown [21st June 2013]

My son says he received the playpen just after 4 pm. What speedy delivery! He put it up and it is perfect! As soon as little Oskar arrives on Monday, I'll send you a picture of him in it.