Here is some of the great feedback we've received from our customers.


Pamela, Potchefstroom 

Received the shoes!

Xena-Xinco wearing the new shoes (Obsidian Black)
Tanaz wearing the new shoes (Blue Spring)
Tanaz wearing the new shoes (Blue Spring)

Tanaz loves them!

Deborah, Hout Bay 

Polo's boots arrived today! Pics follow ...

Polo wearing the new shoes
Polo wearing the new shoes

Donovan, Hartenbos, South Africa 

I thought I must let you know I took the measurements correctly and he is really enjoying his boots :-) It did take a while for him to get use to them , but we wore them everyday, and it got better day by day.

Here are a few photos after our walk today.

Wearing his boots after his daily walk
Wearing his boots after his daily walk
Wearing his boots after his daily walk

Paula, Stanford, South Africa 

Boots have just arrived and are a perfect fit! Thank you so much!
New boots a perfect fit

Charlene, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

These booties are for Zapper's rear paws. The first set was for his front paws, they are fabulous, great quality!

I do think I should have ordered a size smaller for the front. We had quite a tough time getting used to them (me and Zapper both!). He's still stumbling in the booties every now and then, but it's a lot better than the first week or two. The left boot slipped down quite a bit (even with the strap quite tight), I had to readjust it at regular intervals (the right side seems better). So I started putting a baby sock on the left paw with the boot, and that helps a lot.

I've been meaning to send you a pic of Zapper in his boots, but now [that] the rear boots [have arrived here's] a pic of him wearing all four.

Zapper with all 4 boots on

Elizabeth, Cape Town, South Africa 

Niema with her new shoes:
Niema with her new shoes
Niema with her new shoes
Niema with her new shoes

Lene, Kruger National Park, South Africa 

I am very happy to report that the boots reached the SANParks K9 Centre well, and Stoffel tried them on – the XL size fit just fine (on the bloodhounds):
New boots fitted on Stoffel - bloodhound member of SANParks Honorary Rangers, Kruger National Park

However, for the German and Belgian shepherds, we will need a smaller size (as you predicted). Will get back to you shortly.

Belinda, Cape Town, South Africa 

Here is a picture of our rescue pitbull Nina, getting used to her new boots!
Nina getting used to her new boots
Nina getting used to her new boots

Engela, Pretoria, South Africa 

I would just like to say thank you so much for the great service that you have given me on my little guy’s new shoes. : )

He is coming alright with them and they do not seem to bother him anymore at all.

Thank you so much.

Denise, Roodepoort, South Africa 

The Grip Trex shoes are amazing!

Ivory our Pitbull seems to have a new spring in her step with her new walking gear!

We really appreciate you guys! Ivory says Woof & Woof – loosely translated I think that means thank you very much!

Louise, Cape Town, South Africa 

Tau in his new shoes. Thanks!
Tau in his new shoes

Lucette, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Shimmy had no problems at all getting used to them, took to them immediately with the prospect of a walk and many treats as bribery for putting them on, although we’ve only been walking her with the front ones on at the moment.
Shimmy wearing her boots
Shimmy wearing her boots
Shimmy wearing her boots

Her foot where she cut it on the broken glass (people throwing bottles in the veld where we sometimes walk) is healing well and she can walk well in the boots without limping. They are helping protect her sore foot very nicely.

Thanks too for the tip about the baby socks. I found some at Woolies for 6-12 month olds that have the sticky soles as well so she wears them under her boots to provide some additional cushioning.

Thanks again. Great product and even better peace of mind for me and protected paws for Shimmy. I’m going to try her size 7cm on my other Labrador to see how he goes with them as well (but he’s not as easy-going as Shimmy about his feet), so I may be back in touch shortly for another pair.

Tanya, Cape Town, South Africa 

Miles with his shoe on

Joe, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Buddy is flight compliant and has passed his SAPS Test, which means he is competent to be used in SAPS operations and to fly with the SAPS chopper.
Buddy by the chopper
Buddy in the chopper
Buddy wearing his new Grip-Trex boots
Buddy wearing his new Grip-Trex boots
Buddy wearing his new Grip-Trex boots
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