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A water escape ramp in two sizes, to fit to swimming pools, livestock drinking troughs, and against boats. Helps PREVENT animals from DROWNING, from large dogs to frogs.

FACT Most people don't realize that while the majority of animals can swim, they can't necessarily get out of the water by themselves! The odds of a pet drowning are surprisingly high! And how many non-pet owners do you know who enjoy coming outside in the morning and finding dead frogs or other creatures floating in the water? In fact, frogs are often found in the skimmer basket because they think it is a cave leading out of the water!

FACT Pools are perilous to pets! Many pet owners try to protect their pet by training it to swim to the pool steps to get out of the water. This works fine in a daylight, non-threatening situation, but at night or if panicked a dog will forget its "landmark"! Animals cannot see the steps for the very simple reason that they are under the water! That's why, when Skamper-Ramp is available, a pet or animal drowning is a preventable accident! No one wants a drowned pet (who is considered a family member in most households) on their conscience.

PROBLEM Water safety, particularly pool safety, is important for pets, just as it is for children. Would you leave a child unattended by the pool? Of course not! Children are given swimming lessons at a very young age, some even as infants. Certain pets need to be trained how to get out of the water! Even if a dog is a good swimmer, it can be spooked and get panicked. Some solutions, like fencing in the pool, using a water alarm or having a flotation vest on hand all are wonderful layers of protection, but there is still always the possibility that someone may not be around to hear the alarm and/or help the floundering animal get out of the water if they get (or are chased or knocked) into it unexpectedly.

SOLUTION Don't even risk these potential problems; instead realize that there is a viable and affordable solution! Skamper-Ramp is white, and when assembled and properly installed it angles down into the water, enabling your pet (and other animals) to see it leading out of the water, day or night. Skamper-Ramp provides peace of mind because your pet (or the creature you didn't want to see there in the first place!) can 'skamper' out of the water (a pool or walled pond, farm trough, even on a dock or boat) ALL BY ITSELF! This gives pet owners and animal lovers alike unprecedented peace of mind in terms of water safety.

View our video [1m 30s; 11.7 MB] on Skamper-Ramp usage to see how it works!

Dogs are the only animals that have to be trained to use the Skamper-Ramp! Cats, meerkat, rabbits, rats, frogs, snakes, even spiders all go to it instinctively.

Training your dog to use Skamper-Ramp ...

View our video [0m 36s; 7.6 MB] on Skamper-Ramp training to see how it's done!

Skamper-Ramp is the only pet water safety device that gives you all of the following::

    • Protects pets and other animals from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own.
    • Patented design.
    • Award-winning device.
    • Approved by the American Pet Association, receiving their "Seal of Approval" as a humane safety device that makes life easier for pets and their owners.
    • Helps ensure no more unpleasant morning surprises.
    • White because all creatures see white.
    • Most animals (except dogs) remain very instinctive when it comes to getting out, and do not need to be trained to use the ramp (dogs can usually be trained easily with some treats and coaxing).
    • Suitable for farm use in drinking troughs - wild animals that fall in are able to escape, and thus the water isn't fouled by a decaying carcass.

Using Skamper-Ramp on farms ...

  • If desired, simply flip it out when the pool is in use, and flip it back in to safeguard your pet when you leave the pool area.
  • Use Super Skamper-Ramp for dock or boat use, regardless of the wild animal or pet's size! Note: boat installation will vary, and in some cases may require ingenuity, because unlike pool design boat design is not universally consistent.
  • Easy to assemble and install - full instructions are included.
  • Deck and assembly hardware included, except for deck screw and masonry anchor. Assembly instructions will be found in your newly purchased Skamper-Ramp package, but can also be viewed here.
  • 1-Year warranty against product manufacturer defect (does not cover improper installation).
  • Safe for, and even designed for, vinyl-lined pools.
  • Durable, strong, affordable, lightweight, elegantly simple!
  • Made of strong, lightweight, blow-moulded polyethylene.

Skamper-Ramp comes in two sizes:

  • Regular - for pets under 20kg, wild animals and farm stock tanks and water troughs.
  • Super - for larger pets, and for any animal up to 50kgs (100lbs), or to use with docks and boats.

Skamper-Ramp has been featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show and Animal Planet among many others.

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