Here is some of the great feedback we've received from our customers.


Gayathri, Klerksdorp 

Just wanted to share some pictures of Boomer and Blinky enjoying their ramp. They love their drives and this is perfect for them!

Ramp is perfect for taking dogs for drives
Ramp is perfect for taking dogs for drives
Ramp is perfect for taking dogs for drives
Ramp is perfect for taking dogs for drives

Oscar, Namibia [14th December 2017]

I thought to send you a couple of pics to show you the dogs using the ramp. The big boy name is Ferro, the miniature schnauzer is Stella.

Stella (miniature Schnauzer) using the XL Deluxe Telescopic Ramp
Ferro using the XL Deluxe Telescopic Ramp

Elmarie, Polokwane 

Just to let you know we have received the ramp and Raka had no problem using it. Raka is our service dog and travel everywhere with us. But he is getting older and over the last few months he found it more and more difficult to get into the vehicle.

Raka using the XL Deluxe Telescopic Ramp
Raka using the XL Deluxe Telescopic Ramp
Raka using the XL Deluxe Telescopic Ramp
Raka using the XL Deluxe Telescopic Ramp

Ashleigh, Cape Town 

My puppy Amberly has received her ramp today [Tri-Scope ramp: 62420]. I had no trouble at all with the mechanism and she did not need any convincing to run up and down.

Big puppy Amberly using her Tri-Scope ramp
Big puppy Amberly using her Tri-Scope ramp
Big puppy Amberly using her Tri-Scope ramp

She's 8 months old and 53 kg, so the ramp will be getting daily use and we are very happy with it.

Katherine, Hout Bay 

He's 8 months old and 53kg, so the ramp is getting daily use and we are very happy with it.

Boerboel pup using Deluxe XL Telescoping car access ramp
Boerboel pup using Deluxe XL Telescoping car access ramp

Unfortunately it's difficult to take photos of him on the ramp as he tends to run up and down it.

Joan, Amanzimtoti 

When we hurt our legs and start to show our age, we teach old dogs new tricks. Coaxing with biltong on the first run up, so exhausting we sat down on the first trip down. Thanks to FurBall Pet Products for brilliant ramp, fast efficient service and delivery.

First walk on the ramp
First sit on the ramp

Took her to the park shortly afterwards and she walked up and down with no coaxing.

Vivienne, Cape Town 

Just a quick note to say that the courier arrived at 10 am yesterday with the ramp and harness. To say I am "delighted" with the products is an understatement and that ramp is going to be a real Godsend for Honey's recovery.

Honey's homecoming is today and I am so grateful to be able to welcome her with open arms and heart … and to help her on the healing journey ahead. She is being very brave and already walking (one day after the op!!) but it's baby steps each day until she is back to her happy and health self … with great hips for the rest of her long life.

Here are two pics of the brave girl - taken yesterday.

Vivienne with Honey
Vivienne with Honey

Desiree, Riebeeck West 

The parcel arrived today – talk about speedy delivery! I’ve given it a try with my dogs, but I can see it will be a while and a whole lot of treats before they get used to it. I will send photographs once we have mastered the technique!

Helen, Rondebosch 

It arrived safely and is perfect. Thanks so much.

Jean, Amanzimtoti, South Africa 

Thank you so much for your prompt attention and delivery. My order was placed by my friend Ann. My yellow Labrador, Champ, will be 12 years old in November. The ramp has given Champ back his dignity, but we call it the “plank” as ramp sounds like Champ! My black Labrador, April, is 2 years old and thinks the plank is great fun!

Champ getting his dignity back with the new ramp, while being admired by April
Champ getting his dignity back with the new ramp, while being admired by April
Champ getting his dignity back with the new ramp, while being admired by April

Claudia, Cape Town, South Africa 

Many thank's for the good service!!!! The dog ramp already arrived after a day! The quality is great and give my boys Eddy and Pablo an easily time get on and off the car. Thank you sooooo much!

Eddy and Pablo using their new ramp
Eddy and Pablo using their new ramp
Eddy and Pablo using their new ramp

Diane, Scottburgh, South Africa 

The product was really as in the pictures & worked as promised.

Michaela, Johannesburg 

The ramp is great, managed to get the Great Dane to use it to get into the car, still working on getting her to use it for the getting out! The GSD’s think it’s great fun.

Jetteke & Pieter, Johannesburg 

As promised, please see attached some pictures of how our dogs are making use of the ramp we purchased from you.

It was the black dog who injured his back, and 4 weeks ago seemed paralysed, could not walk and had no control of his hind legs. Gary Eckersley treated him with acupuncture, and within a week he made use of the ramp and climbed in and out of the car himself. After 4 or 5 more treatments, we currently do not notice that he had a problem anymore. The ramp made our life (and his) so much easier, when he had to be transported to the vet.

Thanks again for your help : the ramp is fantastic.

Jetteke & Pieter, Johannesburg 

We tried the ramp when I arrived home. Our old (and at the moment sick) dog needed only little encouragement to walk over the ramp while it was lying flat, then a very small incline, and after that with a little bit of guidance he climbed into the Land Rover. This is great!

Bridget, Hillcrest 

I received the ramp today & my Labs took to it like ducks to water! We practiced a couple of times on a lower slope & then in & out the X-Trail they went, loving it!

Ulu, Sedgefield 

As you can see, the ramp works well.

Enjoying the new ramp, with the help of some treats

After a few treats in the beginning, they are waiting now in the car for take off!

Ann, Amanzimtoti 

Received the ramp at 8 o'clock this morning. Very impressed.

My 2 females got on it, no problem when encouraged with some food, but my male is being a bit more stubborn. But, this is to be expected, as he is a Chow.

Checking out the new ramp
Checking out the new ramp

Annemarie, Paarl 

Zuma needed some help as [since it wasn't the Deluxe XL] it was a bit high on to the bakkie ... but it was bought for the car. :-)

Roxy showing Zuma how it is done.
Zuma getting some help
All aboard, safely!
And, here's another use for the ramp!

Christian, Gordon's Bay 

My dogs got used to this ramp quickly as a new rule. I firmly insist that they have to use the ramp each and every time when entering or exiting the car. No exceptions.

Over the years without this aide, the Pyrennian Mountain Dog did pick up a permanant limp in her hind quaters due to over-straining from jumping into the bakkie. It became such a burden to her that she preferred not to come along for the ride and actually lost all excitement and energy. Now, with the ramp her painful limp has finally healed after a month of use and she walks up the ramp fearlessly.

Pyrennian Mountain Dog using the ramp.
Pyrennian Mountain Dog using the ramp.

The energetic German Shepherd at first could not understand why he has to use the ramp, since he is so marvellous. However I have trained him to wait for the ramp to be placed in position and then use it on my command. He loves it now also, and both my dogs have realised that it is good and safe for them to use.

German Shepherd using the ramp.
German Shepherd using the ramp.

I am so happy about it too, and it makes a huge difference to me as well. Money well spent, if you consider what you would pay on vets fees. A BIG thank you from all 3 of us!

Christian, Gordon's Bay 

The ramp has arrived. Thank you very much. It is absolutely wonderful. I will send you photos of my dogs as soon as we get some sunshine. Thanks again.

Linda, Roodepoort 

Some pics of Mia as promised. She has hip dysplasia and we have found it so much easier for her to walk up and down the ramp into the car rather than me having to pick her up – in fact she trots up and down the ramp like she’s always had it!

Mia using the ramp.
Mia using the ramp.
Mia using the ramp.

She had her hip replacement yesterday in a 4 and half hour op, doing well so far. I’m sure we are going to find the ramp invaluable when she comes out of hospital.

Florence, Johannesburg 

Maxi is using the ramp nicely now, he really understands the benefits of it. We no longer carry him into or out of the car - we are using the ramp, and it works perfectly. Sky is also very attracted by it, and uses it as well!

Pat, Richards Bay 

Car ramp safely received yesterday. Am thrilled to bits, it's a perfect size for my Landrover, and already my male German Shepherd knows how to use it. Will take photos for you once my girls get used to it.

Thanks again for processing my order so quickly, will pass on your website to all my "doggy" friends.

Marthie , Johannesburg 

The promised photo of Charlie on his ramp, This is a BRILLIANT product. He gets exited when I put the ramp in place.

Marthie, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Charlie thinks the ramp is one big adventure. He could easily get in the Fortuner.

It was a pleasure doing business with such a nice person.

Henry, Johannesburg 

Our two labrador pups on the ramp which they learnt to use the first time we put it up

Sagree, Durban 

It took about 30 min to convince our Labrador to use the ramp. But now that she’s seen the benefit of the aid … she quite confidently walks up and down the ramp. So we’re happy with the product.

Our Border collie doesn’t understand why she can’t just jump into the van like he does.

Lesley ["Paws for People"], Roodepoort 

The dogs are doing just great on the ramp. I’ll be happy to promote them – because they work!


This is my new fur baby – and as you can see, she loves the independence the ramp gives her!
Shiloh is 11 and the ramp allows him to keep his dignity getting in and out of the bakkie – he says thank you Diane!
Shiloh coming down the ramp – the surface of the ramp gives the dogs excellent traction

Michelle, Estcourt 

Max (my Great Dane) is really enjoying his ramp. This was my best purchase to date. It’s lightweight and easy to operate. I’m sure it will keep his hips and elbows healthy for a very long time. I will try to get a picture of him on it but he really scampers up and down at speed.

Annette, Kempton Park 

I was so excited to get the ramp ... I am impressed with the quality and it is really sturdy, light enough to carry and easy to use etc.


This is Amber getting used to the ramp before we tried it in the car!

My little dog will still only walk on the ramp when it is lying flat! I also incorporate the ramp in games with my dogs, letting them walk across to fetch toys or treats etc. Just to keep them used to using it!

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