Here is some of the great feedback we've received from our customers.

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Susie, Durbanville, South Africa

Success! We had our first walk in the park, wearing the new booties.

Emma looking happy in the new shoes

Initially, when trying on for size and comfort, poor Emma thought she may have to walk on her chin, but being a very clever dog, she felt great and off we went.

Normally, she would get home with itchy paws, lick until they bleed and be miserable. I have great hopes that she will not have this problem this summer! Thanks for a fantastic product.

By the way, our vet also requested a photo, as she also realises that these shoes lead to a drastic reduction of medications, such as antihistamines!

Sonja, Bloemfontein, South Africa 

"Thank you so much for my new boots. They fit perfectly and my toes are not getting hurt anymore. The humans around think I look cool”.

Happy to have safe toes
Happy to have safe toes

Michelle, Lydenbur, South Africa 

Attached is a pic of Puggy sporting off her new booties. Today she's walking a lot better. She even chased a cat with them on, hehe.

Puggy ready to chase another cat.

Jackie, Midrand, South Africa

Thank you so much for the booties ... I have had one on [Charlie's] back right leg which was my biggest concern and it is working perfectly so far (YAY!!!!!).

Shannon, Paulshof, South Africa

Wolf's need for shoes comes from what we refer to as his "ball goggles". When we play fetch he tends to forget that he is a mere mortal, this has resulted in many broken and torn nails. The shoes will hopefully allow him to play while I have peace of mind.

Wolf in new shoes

He is still adjusting to them. Walking like a Lipizzaner but the moment we distract him with his ball his shoes become an extension of him.

Sagrie, Margate, South Africa

Thank you so much!! We are still growing accustomed to the wearing of these :) but they are really helpful. My German Shepherd, Hamlet, is 13 and has degenerative myelopathy so his hind legs tend to drag and hurt his nails, the black pair are therefore ideal. I was able to then give the other red hiking set (Doggles Trail Tracker) to my Mum's Boerboel cross and they fit her perfectly.

Silvia, Cape Town, South Africa

We've received the pair of Walker Active boots in perfect order today. Fortunately the size was well measured/estimated!

Our 15 year old Labrador dog has lower spine osteoarthritis which makes her drag her paws and wear out her nails. That's why we decided to buy the boots. She seemed a little bit suspicious at first but ... she loved it!, as you can see in the attached photos.

Walker Active boots in action
Happy customer - Trixie Walker Active dog boots
Walker Active boots in action

Thank you for extending and improving our playing time with our "oldie".

UPDATE: After several days of using twice a day, we observed that our oldie labby runs a little bit more because she feels more secure. And, of course, we keep her just walking most of the time. Anyway, she loves her boots so much that she even goes to fetch them on command! So I definitely recommend the Active Walker boots in old dogs.

Julia, New Germany, South Africa

The fit was perfect! I was surprised how well he took to them though as the first time I put them on he was lifting his feet on each step as if "walking in glue", but very soon got used to them! :-)

Monty in his Walker Active boots

Monty came from the Rion Kennels in Gauteng. We used to show him (mainly because the breeder wanted to). He's coming up for 5 years now, so that's in the past, but he became a champion in 2012 and was also the top Bull Terrier in KZN in that year. His pedigree name is Ch. Rion Ferro Rondnoir and if you go on the website and click on "Our Boys", you will see him there (in his glory days). His father is "Ferro" who was one of the top Bull Terriers in South Africa at one stage, but also retired now.

Jeanine, Cape Town, South Africa

Attached is a pic of Ross sporting his new boots. We took him for a walk, and he loved them. We put them on and he was ready to go.

Ross sporting his new boots

No more sore feet! :-)

Bernadette, Cape Town, South Africa

I meant to send these pics to you a while ago .... Saya and Diesel with their Walker boots.

Walker Active boots in action
Walker Active boots in action
Walker Active boots in action
Walker Active boots in action

Zianca, Vrede, South Africa

Please find attached photos of Eddie with his walker active tekkies.

Eddie sporting his new tekkies
Eddie sporting his new tekkies

Claudia, Cape Town, South Africa

Just a pic of my 13 yr old Golden Retriever, Bootsie. Better walkies with that extra grip. Thank you!

Bootsie getting a better grip on things

Maryke, Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you for Shiloh's boots. She quite likes them. Did not take long at all for her to be perfectly fine in them.

Shiloh the search and rescue dog wearing her shoes

Marietjie, Phalaborwa, South Africa

Cali the guide dog wearing her shoes

Josef, Worcester, South Africa

A few weeks ago, I had considered buying baby shoes to try on, but thought better of it. I was so pleased when I came across your website and the local availability of dog boots.

Beverley, Mooi River, South Africa

Here is a pic of Dunstan in his shoes. They're for his back feet so it's been a bit difficult to get clear photos of them. He wore them all day yesterday when we took him on an outing to Nottingham Road & he had no problem walking. Lately he's been battling to walk on gravel & odd surfaces & these shoes have changed that for him. He also caused a stir wherever we went with people loving the shoes!

Dunstan in his new Walker Active boots

Rika, Gauteng, South Africa

I bought Walker Active boots for my Bull Terrier dog last week from you. Just wanted to let you know they worked like a charm – he is very comfortable & impressed with his new shoes!

Konyn on the farm in his new Walker Active boots

Kylie, Cape Town, South Africa

The shoes arrived yesterday, were test driven yesterday evening and passed the test.

Wendy, Westville, South Africa

All the humans I showed absolutely adored the shoes!

Samson wearing his Walker Active shoe
Samson dressed for dinner

Louise, Hermanus, South Africa

Abigail has taken to her booties like a duck to water. In the mornings, she will remain standing in the room which has a carpet and will not go onto the tiles until we have put her booties on. She now goes for short walks around the crescent without her feet bleeding form scraping them on the ground. Here is photo of her scoffing her grub this morning.
Abigail sporting her Walker Active shoes!
She also says thank you very much.
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